Ice cream! Get your ice cream!

A couple weeks ago I was browsing the kids’ educational selection at my University bookstore and I wondered, “What would I put in a kids’ math workbook?” Something more interesting than “count the birds and trace the number,” something I would enjoy talking about with my kids, something involving some creative mathematical thinking.

It was just a thought, but then suddenly all the schools were closing and my Pre-K daughter and 1st grade son were faced with two weeks outside of school, and suddenly I saw an opportunity to play around with that little idea I’d had.

So yesterday I made my first attempt, using one of my favorite exploratory math topics – permutations! Then I brought them home to my very eager test subjects.

When I did it with my 1st grade son it was so fun! He loved it, and it was fascinating for me to see and hear him think through the permutations of ice cream cones. We had some great mathematical discussion, and he was very engaged, and had some surprisingly sophisticated thinking.

My 5-year-old, just as I predicted, basically turned it into an art project. I think there was still at least a little bit of mathematical value in the activity, but I had some thoughts afterward about adapting it to be more Pre-K friendly. I’m still not quite sure I’m there, and would love some feedback.

I’m happy to share the files and would love to know how your kids respond if you use them. I’d also love feedback on how to adapt them. The “Ice Cream” file could probably be used with 1st through 3rd graders (and maybe even older), and the PreK version is, of course, intended for Pre-K.

What would you like to see in a “workbook” geared toward creative mathematical thinking for young children?

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